Voyage of Hope


​​​Usui Reiki

The best way to understand Reiki is to experience it...

You may suggest what your wellness focus is, and intuition may guide me to
where I 'feel' Reiki is needed most. 

Reiki hand positions work around areas of: head, shoulders, chest/stomach area,
and feet area. I stay in each hand position until I'm intuitively guided to move to the next  hand position, and/or I feel Reiki energy has stopped flowing into that one area.  There are times that I may hover a few inches above various areas, as some people's energy is very sensitive, or it may depend if there is any actual reason not to touch the skin.  Reiki energy has its own intelligence.  It will

personally design itself to suit each person's specific needs.  For an example, I may have my hands on your shoulders, yet you will feel a temperature change in your feet.  Or vice versa.  Reiki hand positions are just 'windows' for energy to enter, not necessarily a stopping station.  Energy will flow  freely through your entire body, mind, soul, and spirit.  If and when it comes to a blockage, Reiki energy will do it's best to unblock it, resulting in potential wellness of certain or many previously experienced symptoms.

Usui Reiki also offers 6 symbols I can incorporate into the session at any time, and as often as I'm guided to.  Each symbol has their own specialty, and I do feel it does supercharge the energy flowing through.

Usui Reiki Classes are available, please check webpages of each level for descriptions.

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Karuna Reiki®

Karuna Reiki energy has it's own feel to it.  My teacher described Karuna Reiki as more gentle.  Kind of like a hug.  Since incorporating it into sessions, I have to agree.  As gentle as it feels, and as different as the symbols seem to feel, it still has it's own intention to help you move forward. 

While incorporating Karuna Reiki® on clients, as always, I ask the recipient's body where to place these symbols, as well as which ones to combine (if any) for that particiular session.

I remember one recipient, who is also a Reiki Teacher, said she felt the difference between Usui Reiki and Karuna Reiki®.  She felt more at peace with Karuna Reiki®, more relaxed (and I thought Usui Reiki was relaxing :) ).  Others who didn't know they were receiving Karuna Reiki® knew something was different, but not sure what, in a good way. 

The more I've bonded with Karuna Reiki®, the more I find use for it, and all the symbols.  To help me remember all the symbols and their properties, I made up small-ish cards, and glued them to a canvas. The best part of this, is that I can carry the canvas to any area of our home that I want to!  During a week of highs and lows, I decided to place the canvas of symbols in a room that I was working in.  I can't explain it, but I definitely felt comforted by having the Karuna® symbols near me.  For a few days, whenever I was in a room for a length of time, I brought the canvas of symbols with me.

I'm still experimenting with all the symbols, and what else they can contribute to, as well as their stated properties.    I'm having fun with it while finding my balanced wellness.  How does it get better than this!

Karuna Reiki® are available, please check webpages of each level for descriptions.
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