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Intuitive  Readings 

A great way to have more authentic choices. 



Self-care isn't something most of us seem to spend a lot of time on, yet it's so important to replenish our own 'well' for ourselves, and for those we love. 


Some find it easier to embrace receiving energy sessions.  That’s where I come in. I offer various energy techniques, either stand-alone or combined. Each session is energetically deisgned to each client's needs, and personality.


Try one of my energy sessions and see what it feels like to enjoy complete relaxation; heart, body, mind and soul.

Crystal Therapy

Crystals vibrations offers you an opportunity to vibrate to their level to allow self healing.

Relaxed vs. Tired

Access Consciousness®​ 

Offers awareness tools to begin to function as the conscious

being you truly are.

Relaxed vs Tired

Some of us aren't aware there is a difference between being relaxed and being tired.  Tune into your body the next time you think you're tired, and perhaps you're actually relaxing.  Or the opposite, you may think you're relaxing, when in actual fact, your body is exhausted.  

Be aware of the difference for your own body, your own energy, and ensure you offer yourself opportunities to be relaxed.

My interpretation of being relaxed is:

-> my mind isn't chaotic, or roller coaster direction

-> my body isn't overly fidgety

-> Sometimes i'm not as focused on what I'm watching, or reading, or listening to, almost like white noise, and other times i'm completely focused on what I'm watching, reading, or listening to.

-> no desire to get things done, not out of laziness, more from just 'it can wait' awareness

-> I'm not as hungry

-> I can still carry on a conversation, maybe a bit slower to respond :)

My interpretation of tiredness is:

-> my eyes feel heavy

-> sometimes it hurts to 'think'

-> listening or watching something is a bit of a chore

-> my body feels numb, or is screaming at me to stop

-> sometimes I feel unusually cold or hot (mostly cold)

-> I feel more hungry, even if I'm not really hungry. 

-> depending on the depth of tiredness,sometimes I can feel nauseous

-> my patience is short or non-existence, or the complete opposite, and I don't care



A great way to relax on a deeper level, which allows your whole being to begin to self heal.

Voyage of Hope